Dodge Challenger's Eclectic Performance Packages

The Dodge Challenger has grown into being one of America's top-rated muscle cars. This particular vehicle has supreme styling, advanced technologies, and high-performance capability. This two-door beast of a vehicle has its own unique appearance that's sure to cater to a wide audience. Consumers will receive a boat-load of power as well as plenty of features. Here are some other advantages if you choose the Dodge Challenger.

Dodge will help you mix things up by offering various packages. These packages will give your car a more personalized appearance. For a meaner and more aggressive front appearance, the Shaker package offers larger air intakes that protrude from hood's sheet metal. The Shaker hood pays homage to the 1970's vintage styling. For those who like sleekness, Dodge offers a Blacktop package that offers gloss-black accents for the wheels, grille and interior features.

If you're truly interested in this magnificent machine, then we urge you to stop by for a visit. Of course, we won't disappoint you by offering a test drive if that actually floats your boat.

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