The New Jeep Compass

Vehicles boasting the Jeep brand remain popular for their durability and versatility on and off-road. The Jeep Compass compact SUV is a favored choice among owners who want the characteristics of a Jeep in a smaller package. The exterior of the 2019 Jeep Compass features a few changes that make the vehicles a bit more stylish and elegant.

The Compass features a two-tone black roof. Add a dual-pane sunroof to experience more freedom by letting the sun and fresh air inside. The length of the roof enables all of the occupants to enjoy the view. The front-end features Jeep's signature grille. Each vent is encompassed with polished chrome and contains a honeycomb mesh.

The impressive front end might include high intensity LED headlights and daytime running lights. The lights require less power from the battery while enhancing night vision. The wheel wells have distinctive arches that match the sharp lines that run the length of the vehicle's body.

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