Ram 3500 Powertrain Options

Ram trucks have the reputation for being hard-working trucks that perform well. The Ram 3500 is a heavy-duty truck that has the ability to tow significant amounts and haul heavy loads in the truck bed. The Ram 3500 comes with three engine and transmission options for your convenience.

The standard engine on the Ram 3500 is the 6.4 liter Hemi V8. This engine delivers up to 410 horsepower. Another available engine is the 6.7 liter Cummins diesel I6 that produces up to 370 horsepower. Another option is the 6.7 liter high-output engine that gives you 400 horsepower.

Each of the three Ram 3500 engines is coupled with a different transmission. The standard engine has an eight-speed automatic that is geared for optimal efficiency. The two 6.7 liter engines have six-speed transmissions. Each of these is designed to produce less noise and harshness. Each transmission provides seamless shifting for a superior ride.



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