Charging a Car Battery Basics

Our crew at Southwest Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram pass along information from time to time that will assist in you getting the most of your automobile purchase. Today, we wanted to discuss the stops on how to charge your car battery safely.

Before attempting to charge the car battery, it is important that the charger is off and unplugged from the electrical outlet.

Open the hood of your vehicle. and locate the battery and terminals. If the terminals are covered with a plastic protective cover, remove them and look for the plus and minus signs.

The red charging cable is positive, it will be secured to the plus sign battery terminal.

The black charging cable is the negative side, secured to the battery terminal marked with a minus sign.

Once secured, plug the charger into the outlet, turn it on, and allow to fully charge. Turn off the charger when the battery is completely charged and remove the cables.



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